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From growing up in my small town of Salisbury, NC to Entering the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, my perspective just like anyone else’s, changed. As an adult looking back at the memories of my hometown, I have come to the realization that I never really belonged in Salisbury. After going to public school, participating in the community and building relationships I decided that although this is my hometown, I will still look at it being a place of beauty, while at the same time being a damaged environment.


I have always had an interest in experimentation within photography and how I can apply it to my work. I have worked from darkroom photography to studio lighting, and what seems to capture my interest the most is alternate processes in film. My ongoing project consists of using items, such as household cleaning products to chemically/physically manipulate film negatives in order to create expressive and abstract features within the photograph. After manipulating the film I then scan the negatives to produce a larger scale image using a color film filter.

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